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Fixed PC and MPSounds Milestone

August 19, 2005
Well I have now fixed my PC at last, which is good.  I thought I
may have lost all my stuff but I managed to recover it all.

Th Messenger Plus! SoundPack DB
is nealy at 200 SoundPacks!  It’s taken a while to get there but
we’ve reached the milestone at last.  I know not much has been
happening on the site lately, but keep an eye on it as there’s going to
be a competition happening soon.


Stupid PC

August 7, 2005
Well I know officially hate my PC.  Im currently using my old 1GHz PC, which I had luckily setup on my KVM switch a few months ago but just hadn’t used, cos my main PC gave me a BSOD yesterday and just won’t boot now.
To make it worse, I can’t find my restore CDs and the Knoppix CD I made is aparently corrupted and the Linux Live CD I had won’t let me create a folder on my NTFS backup disk.
Grrr.  So I dunno what I’m gonna do now, as I may have lost all of the source code for Screenshot Sender, Extra Tools and any other stuff I’d been working on, like some of my websites.
Well never mind, I can’t really be bothered with it for now, I’ll have another go at sorting it tomorrow.

Birthday Boy

August 2, 2005
The day is here at last, today is my 19th
birthday!!  Hooray.  I went to the pub again last night for a
few drinks, not doing much today in the day, but I’m going out for a
meal tonight and then going to the pub after for a few drinks, so that
should be fun.

Can’t think of anything else to say, except Happy Birthday to Me!!