The Morning After

July 31, 2005
Well I had my party last night, for my 19th
birthday.  Had a great night, lots of people, loads of booze and
lots of fun.  Was a fair few empty cans and bottles around to tidy
up this mroning but it was worth it.  Didn’t take too long to tidy

I got a few cool presents from my mates, like a pair of PaintBall guns,
so we now have a multi-coloured shed.  Got given a couple of cases
of cider too so now i should have enough to last me a few days, I’ve
got about 50-odd cans left.

I had my interview for the IS Technology Trainee Technician job on
friday, that went ok.  The personality profiling thing I had to do
was a load of rubbish, but nevermind.  And the test they made me
do was a piece of piss, I had to note down five icons from the control
panel, remove Acrobat Reader, then reinstall and get the OS version and
Service pack from the system applet.  Even someone who doesn’t
know hardly anything about computers could have done that test so I
don’ really see the point of it, but never mind.

I don’t rekon I’ll get that job, but it doesn’t really matter as where
I’m working temprary at the moment and I’ve worked part-time for about
the last five years want to offer me a full time job now aparently, so
I’m gonna go in somewhen and discuss that with them and decide if I
want to go for it or not.

Well that’s about it for now, can’t think of anything else to day and I’ve talked about enough rubbish already.


2 Responses to “The Morning After”

  1. Unknown Says:

    Great to know our Dempsey likes to have fun like everyone else:P lol. I had a party last night too:P

  2. Mathieu M-G Says:

    Happy Birthday! =D

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