My Real Blog

October 9, 2006

My real blog is actually

I’m Alive

January 4, 2006
Just to let anyone who cares know… I’m not dead, I just haven’t got around to posting on here for aggges.

Haven’t been
doing much, just spending all of Christmas down the pub, which was
nice.  New Year was great fun too, fancy dress is always a good laugh.

Prob won’t post again for a while, so bye.

Fixed PC and MPSounds Milestone

August 19, 2005
Well I have now fixed my PC at last, which is good.  I thought I
may have lost all my stuff but I managed to recover it all.

Th Messenger Plus! SoundPack DB
is nealy at 200 SoundPacks!  It’s taken a while to get there but
we’ve reached the milestone at last.  I know not much has been
happening on the site lately, but keep an eye on it as there’s going to
be a competition happening soon.

Stupid PC

August 7, 2005
Well I know officially hate my PC.  Im currently using my old 1GHz PC, which I had luckily setup on my KVM switch a few months ago but just hadn’t used, cos my main PC gave me a BSOD yesterday and just won’t boot now.
To make it worse, I can’t find my restore CDs and the Knoppix CD I made is aparently corrupted and the Linux Live CD I had won’t let me create a folder on my NTFS backup disk.
Grrr.  So I dunno what I’m gonna do now, as I may have lost all of the source code for Screenshot Sender, Extra Tools and any other stuff I’d been working on, like some of my websites.
Well never mind, I can’t really be bothered with it for now, I’ll have another go at sorting it tomorrow.

Birthday Boy

August 2, 2005
The day is here at last, today is my 19th
birthday!!  Hooray.  I went to the pub again last night for a
few drinks, not doing much today in the day, but I’m going out for a
meal tonight and then going to the pub after for a few drinks, so that
should be fun.

Can’t think of anything else to say, except Happy Birthday to Me!!

The Morning After

July 31, 2005
Well I had my party last night, for my 19th
birthday.  Had a great night, lots of people, loads of booze and
lots of fun.  Was a fair few empty cans and bottles around to tidy
up this mroning but it was worth it.  Didn’t take too long to tidy

I got a few cool presents from my mates, like a pair of PaintBall guns,
so we now have a multi-coloured shed.  Got given a couple of cases
of cider too so now i should have enough to last me a few days, I’ve
got about 50-odd cans left.

I had my interview for the IS Technology Trainee Technician job on
friday, that went ok.  The personality profiling thing I had to do
was a load of rubbish, but nevermind.  And the test they made me
do was a piece of piss, I had to note down five icons from the control
panel, remove Acrobat Reader, then reinstall and get the OS version and
Service pack from the system applet.  Even someone who doesn’t
know hardly anything about computers could have done that test so I
don’ really see the point of it, but never mind.

I don’t rekon I’ll get that job, but it doesn’t really matter as where
I’m working temprary at the moment and I’ve worked part-time for about
the last five years want to offer me a full time job now aparently, so
I’m gonna go in somewhen and discuss that with them and decide if I
want to go for it or not.

Well that’s about it for now, can’t think of anything else to day and I’ve talked about enough rubbish already.

Getting Closer

July 26, 2005
the job interview is getting closer, only a few days to go now.  I
was reading the letter they sent me the other day and i found out i was
supposed to phone them to let them know if I was going, so I had to do
that a bit quick.

I went out on friday and saturday night, that was fun.  Friday was
a mates 30th birthday do, where I somehow managed to win a dancing
competition, don’t ask me how, I rekon it was a fix.  Saturday I
went to a Chrstmas party.  Yup, a Christmas party in july, were
mad.  I’m glad I went now, was a real good laugh, quite a few
people there and they had a snow machine which was fun.  The walk
home which is about a 10 minute trip took us about an hour as we had
some hedge jumping competitons and traffic cone wearing on the way,
which was nice.

I bought a copy of StarCraft of eBay the other day, I played it years
ago but lost the CD and felt like playing it again.  I wonder how
long it’ll be till I get bored of it.

I also bought a smoke machine off eBay the other day, that arrived on
saturday.  I tested it and it seems to work fine.  Ill get to
give it a proper use on saturday at my party, for my 19th Birthday!  woohoo, I can’t wait, should be a good laugh, all my mates (all two of them j/k), lots of booze and now with added smoke.


July 21, 2005
Well I didn’t get that IT Systems Administrator job, which I was kinda expecting anyway, but t’is a shame as that sounds like it would have been quite a good job.

Nevermind, I’ve still got my interview next friday to look forward to
and then my big old annual piss-up, otherwise known as my birthday
party.  Woot.

Job Interview Num 2

July 17, 2005
I still haven’t heard back from that IT Systems Admistrator job, I’ll probably hear back this week some time hopefully.

I got a letter yesterday saying I’ve got another interview, this time as a IS Technology Trainee Technician.  I haven’t got a clue what the IS bit stands for but nevermind.

I have to have a personality profile, then a test and then the actual interview, so that should be uh fun.

It’s not till the 29th, so I should have heard about the other job by then, which is nice.


July 13, 2005
I had a job interview on Monday, to be a IT Systems Administrator which would be kinda cool to get, make me sound important.  I dunno when I’ll hear back, but no doubt I’ll post on here.

Well I dunno if anyone actually cares or if anyone’s actually reading
this, but in the time that I haven’t been working, I’ve been working on
Extra Tools.

Who Sent It works now, so thats another one done.  I’m just
worrying about the basics for now and at a later date I’ll improve them
and add options etc.

Next on the list is Recent Files, allowing you to resend the last few
files you’ve sent to your contacts.  It can currently detect files
sent by dragging them onto the conversation window and now I’m working
on hooking the send file dialog, which is proving to be, uh fun.